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Pig Safe Heating Lamp Shade

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FRP farrowing crate heating cover, suitable for all kinds of European bed, our products are molding process products and hand paste process products. Can be matched with thermal insulation lamp or heating plate, for animal heat preservation.
This product is suitable for farrowing crate as piglet insulation.

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As a responsible pig farmer, it is important to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your animals. Maintaining the right temperature is especially important during the colder months, and a heat lamp can be an effective solution. However, it is important to choose a piglet heating lamp that prioritizes the well-being and safety of your pigs. In this blog we will look at the key factors to consider and recommend some safe heat lamps for pig houses.

 1. Understand the importance of safety heat lamps for pigs:

Like most livestock, pigs thrive within a specific temperature range. During the cold season, these animals require extra warmth to regulate their body temperature. Heat lamps provide a convenient and practical way to keep pigs at a comfortable level, preventing stress, poor growth, and even potential health problems.

 2. Factors to consider when choosing a safety heating lamp:

A. Design and Materials: Choose a heat lamp made from high-quality materials, such as a sturdy metal housing that can withstand the rigors of a barn.

b. Safety features: Look for lights with protective grilles or guards to prevent direct contact with heat sources. It's also important to choose light bulbs with shatterproof bulbs to minimize the risk of breakage.

C. Adjustable settings: Consider using lights with adjustable heat settings for flexibility in temperature control, ensuring you can set the ideal level for your pig's comfort.

d. Mounting options: Look for heat lamps that offer secure mounting options, such as clamps or brackets, allowing you to place the lamp at the appropriate height for optimal heat distribution.

Advantages of using farrowing crate for breeding farm

  • Make the postpartum recovery environment of sows more clean and hygienic, and speed up the recovery progress.
  • Improve the management efficiency of sows and piglets.
  • Effective protection of piglets, to avoid sow damage to piglets and farmers to bring economic losses.
  • Improve the overall environment of the farm, effectively prevent bacterial reproduction, improve the survival rate of piglets.
  • Reduce the energy and economic input of farmers in management and improve the economic income of farmers in a disguised way
FPR farrowing crate cover matching heating lamp for piglet
FPR farrowing crate cover matching heating lamp for piglet
FPR farrowing crate cover matching heating lamp for piglet

Product features

1. Made of FRP, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, easy to wash, longer life, effectively guarantee the healthy growth of piglets, is a design more convenient piglets and observe the growth of piglets.
2. It should be used with infrared heat lamp or electric heat pad to ensure enough heat supply.
3. It is convenient to operate for its lamp hole, viewport, movable cover and door for piglets move in and out.

FPR farrowing crate cover matching heating lamp for piglet


The Fiberglass thermal hoods are much better to collect of warming and avoid spreading heat all around than aluminium products and save electricity and won’t burn pig and operators

  • *Long span service life 15~20years,non-deformation,stable and non-conductive
  • *Adjustable,easy installing and light weight and smart using space.
  • *Molded fiberglass and hand lay-up thermal hoods are both available.
  • *Various styles are available to meet customer different requests.

Our products are produced with the best raw materials. Every moment, we constantly improve the production programme. In order to ensure better quality and service, we have been focusing on the production process. We have got high praise by partner. We are looking forward to establishing business relationship with you.

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 In conclusion:

 Providing a safe and comfortable environment for pigs is critical to their overall health and productivity. When it comes to maintaining the right temperature in your home, choosing a safe heat lamps for pigs is crucial. By considering factors such as design, safety features, adjustable settings and mounting options, pig farmers can make an informed decision. Invest in a safe heat lamp to ensure optimal conditions for your pigs and promote healthy growth.

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