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Special-Shaped Hand Pasted Frp Products Accept Customized Samples

Short Description:

Hand paste molding process, also known as contact molding, is the earliest use of resin composite material production and application of the most common molding process.

Our company has been constantly committed to new technology, new product research and development, at the same time, we have always retained the traditional process. Because the traditional craft has irreplaceable advantages and characteristics.We are equipped with a separate manual paste production workshop, which can accept any custom samples and drawings from global customers. We are confident that we can meet the various needs of different customers.

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In the hand paste molding process, the use of machinery and equipment is less, it is suitable for the production of special-shaped products, small batch products, and is not restricted by the type and shape of products. It is easy to meet the design requirements of products, and can be arbitrarily added or removed in different parts of products.

Product Features

FPR HOPPER for feeding line_002
FPR HOPPER for feeding line_001
FPR HOPPER for feeding line_003
FPR HOPPER for feeding line_004

Product advantage

1. mold cost is low, easy to maintain;
2. production preparation time is short, easy to operate, easy to understand and learn;
3. not limited by product size and shape;
4. according to the design requirements of the product, in different parts of arbitrary reinforcement, flexibility;
5. Curing at room temperature and forming under atmospheric pressure;
6. color gelcoat layer can be added to obtain a rich and colorful smooth surface effect;
We have advanced production technology, and pursuit innovative in products. At the same time, the good service has enhanced the good reputation. We believe that as long as you understand our product, you must be willing to become partners with us. Looking forward to your inquiry.


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